17th October 2003 - 22:02

Technical details: Tal-2m + Philips TouCam Pro and Tal X2 Barlow + Baader IRB filter. 600 frames captured K3CCDTools. Brightness 100%, Gain 70%, 1/25sec, Gamma 0 - 200 frames stacked using RegistaxV2.0 LRGB.

Not a very interesting image but I was really pleased to capture it. It took me about 1 hour just to find it. I found it manually using 'star hopping' technique which in the light polluted outskirts of London with your neighbours 'zillion watt' garden lights on wasn't very easy. By comparison to Mars (also imaged during same session) the planet is 3000 million km away with mag 5.8. Light takes approx. 2hr 41mins just to reach us from the planet. The planet is only about 3.6 arc secs in diameter.