29th September 2003 - 05:52

Technical details: Tal-2m + Philips TouCam Pro and Tal X3 Barlow + Baader IRB filter. 300 frames captured K3CCDTools. Brightness 45% (210 on meter), Gain 70%, 1/25sec, Gamma 0 - 250 frames stacked using RegistaxV2.0 LRGB. Wavelet filtering 1,1,1,1,10,28 applied. Image shows best raw, stacked and processed image and 200% enlargement. It's interesting to compare this Saturn with my first one (below). The rings aren't quite as open (you can see less of the rings below the globe) and also the shadow of the globe is in a different place due to the position of the planet in it's orbit relative to Earth.