21st February 2003 - 23:44

This was my first time to image Jupiter. I am really pleased with the result. Jupiter is the solar system's largest gas giant. You can see lots of bands and detail in the image and can actually see the 'Great Red Spot' The GRS is a massive storm that has been active on Jupiter for over three hundred years. I have never actually been able to see it through the eyepiece before and so was pleasantly surprised when I could see it in the final processed image. The GRS is 2 to 3 times wider than planet Earth.

Technical details: Tal-2m + Philips TouCam Pro and Tal X2 Barlow. 150 frames captured - Best 50% stacked using K3CCD planet wizard. Some final processing using Registax wavelet adjustment 1,1,1,20,21,25 Seeing 7/10 a little bit misty - time 23:44