This is an image of the Elephant Trunk Nebula in Cepheus. This is a dark nebula. The image was the first I had taken after sorting out guiding with two telepscopes and modified webcams. It represents 90 secs individual exposures which is about 5 times longer than any other exposures I have made using the SC3. It was taken using the SC3 with MN56 and a 0.5 focal reducer with Astronomik Ha filter. It represents the sum of 30 X 90 secs exposures with Max gain, Amp Off and air cooling. Guiding was done with an SC1.5 through my WO ZS66. It is not the prettiest image to look at but I was only able to capture it because of all the changes I made to my guiding setup. This is a very faint object so I was extremely pleased to capture it.