This was my first DSLR attempt at M45 - The Pleiades (also known as The Seven Sisters). The Pleiades is an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleiades contains a total of about 500 stars of which only a few can normally be seen and lies at a distance of 375 light years and spans an area about 4X that of The Full Moon. The Pleiades is bathed in intricate blue nebulosity caused by starlight scattering (reflecting) off minute grains of intersellar dust. Greek legend says that the sisters called for help from Zeus when they were being pursued by Orion. Zeus turned them into Doves and placed them in the sky alongside their Mother and Father. If you hold the mouse over the image the names of the Seven Sisters and their parents are labelled.

This image was taken with my unmodified EOS300D through my WO ZS66 SD-APO telescope and an Astronomik CLS filter. 10 X 3min guided exposures at ISO400 were captured and processed in Deep Sky Stacker. I was really suprised to capture so much of the nebulosity with such a relatively short exposure from light polluted Bromley. Image was captured on 1st November 2006 at 00:28