This is a picture of The Orion Nebula captured using my new EOS 300D camera. I coupled the camera to my mate Chris Suddell's Skywatcher 80F5 refractor (thks Chris) which was piggybacked on his LX90. The conditions for capturing this image were terrible. There was really bad light pollution due to some floodlights at a nearby sports centre and lots of mist. The original image was 3072 X 2048 Pixels and this picture represents the central 650 X 500 pixel crop. The original widefield view can be seen below.

My thanks also go to Greg Smye-Rumsby from my local Astronomy club who reprocessed the image for me and got it published in a Hard Back book by Anton Vamplew called Simple Stargazing. The book is published by Collins - ISBN O-OO-72O395-O and the image is on page 33. It was great getting an image in print even though there was no financial reward.